Code: DGSM-ELEC (Electra)
Code: DGSM-DIAD (Diadem)
Code: DGSM-FELX (Felix)
Code: DGSM-SERV (Server)




Other ID systems


smarti is an innovative solution which applies a combination of face, mimic and voice recognition for identification for multiple functions, including access control, time and attendance and building automation. smarti keeps unauthorised persons out of a building without worries about stolen cards or PINs.

smarti can integrate with - and control - existing security systems using different technologies. It can also control electronic devices such as locks, alarms, lights and heating. With an integrated camera, it can even be used for video surveillance.

How it works

Motion sensors (Diadem unit only) detect the presence of a person and the unit requests a voice code. smarti captures a facial image and verifies the image, voice print and lip movement. Once authenticated, it then performs the tasks as defined by the operator (ie, switch on the lights, send an email, store a photo in the event log, switch on machinery). A video intercom enables live two-way communication, while audio or video messages can be played automatically on entry.

The software enables customisable reports on entries / exits and staff presence. smarti can integrate with card, RF-tag, fingerprint and other security systems and can be set up to control all systems in the enterprise. In addition to biometric verification, smarti can also work with PIN codes which can be entered on the touch screen.

A range of accessories is also available, including a smarti Client application, a smarti RS232-to-Wiegand converter, a relay box (four relays) and a TCP/IP relay box (eight relays).